Friday, 14 February 2014

Where I Am At

Hey everyone, long time no speak.

As you can tell, the blog has gone a bit inactive over the past months, due to a whole number of reasons - largely exams, and other opportunities in the journalism field (largely thanks to the followers I gained from the blog).

If you want to follow my writing (there's still a bit of NBA stuff I do) - then you can find my work at, (all basketball), and

I'm hoping to have random notes and non-site specific articles on the blog sometime this year, maybe stir it back into life a little bit, but for now, I'm pleased to be doing paid work, and I thank anyone who read this site over the years for your help in helping me accomplish these goals.

So... yeah. Hopefully I'll be back writing in this space whenever I get a break from the hell which will likely be university, follow me on Twitter @NiallGunner if you have any questions.


Sunday, 17 November 2013

NFL Week 11 Picks

Well, it was a solid 8-4 week last week, and as I continually promise to do, I will add up how I've gone at some point. Some point....

Due to time constraints, I've again gone for a short but sweet set of tips this week, which seems to have worked in the past on a policy of no thinking = success.

The Tips:

New York Jets (-1.5) over Buffalo
Chicago (-3) over Baltimore
Cleveland (+6) over Cincinnati
Philadelphia (-4.5) over Washington
Detroit (-2.5) over Pittsburgh
Tampa Bay (-1) over Atlanta
Jacksonville (+9) over Arizona
Houston (-9) over Oakland
San Diego (-1) over Miami
New Orleans (-3) over San Francisco
New York Giants (-4) over Green Bay
Minnesota (+13) over Seattle
Kansas City (+7.5) over Denver
New England (+2.5) over Carolina

Saturday, 9 November 2013

NFL Tips: Week 10

Apologies for the lack of tips last week, as I was on holiday, just as it looked like I was beginning to hit some tipping form. Since I'm away again tomorrow, I figured I should make sure this isn't a problem again and make my tips now.

Related - check back in the next week as I plan to post links to all of my writing on other sites, for the two of you who are interesting in my ramblings. To the tips:

Seattle (-4.5) over Atlanta

Seems like the bookies have been underrating Seattle on the road of late. Then again, they nearly lost to the Bucs at home. I'll take a bounceback week here as the Falcons continue to be a mess both offensively and defensively.

Chicago (Pick) over Detroit

Jay Cutler!

Philadelphia (+1) over Green Bay

Can't believe I'm doing this, but Seneca Wallace is just too scary.

Tennessee (-13) over Jacksonville
Saint Louis (+11) over Indianapolis


Oakland (+9) over New York Giants
Pittsburgh (-3) over Buffalo

I like these two tips - why are Oakland nine point underdogs against a shaky Giants team? I don't see it.

Cincinnati (-1) over Baltimore

Reverse-homer pick. The Bengals may be inconsistent, but at least they have the ability to score points. The Ravens do not at this point in time.

Carolina (+6) over San Francisco

Changed my mind on this one. Carolina don't beat good teams, but surely they can keep this one close with their elite run defence.

Denver (-7) over San Diego
New Orleans (-6.5) over Dallas

Wouldn't be surprised if either of these teams lost, but taking the dynamic offence is always the safer bet.

Miami (-1) over Tampa Bay

Till next week.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

NFL Week 8 Picks

This week, we are coming to you live from the sunny city of Napier, as I desperately try to make my picks in the shortest span of time ever.

Surprisingly, I'm again 1-0 to start the week after backing the Panthers (-6) on Twitter.

Also, a programming note - for those of you who read my basketball stuff, I shall send out links to the millions of preview articles I have written sometime next week, all in one convenient post.

Onto the picks:

Detroit (-3) over Dallas
Kansas City (-7.5) over Cleveland
New England (-6) over Miami
Buffalo (+12) over New Orleans
New York Giants (+5.5) over Philadelphia
San Francisco (-15.5) over Jacksonville
Cincinnati (-5.5) over New York Jets
Pittsburgh (-1) over Oakland
Denver (-11) over Washington
Arizona (-1) over Atlanta
Green Bay (-9) over Minnesota
Saint Louis (+12.5) over Seattle

Sunday, 20 October 2013

NFL Week Seven Picks

I shall start with an apology, as I've been rather slack recently. I've been snowed under with work and exams, and as a result I haven't been able to update the blog as much as I'd have liked to. Additionally, all my posts on are too long to put onto the blog, so I shall look into a way to have a feed so you can read my 45,000 words on the NBA.

All this hard work has resulted in a decline in my tipping skills as well, tipping seven last week to continue a not bad, but mediocre start to the year. Hopefully this should be the last week where I can't pay enough attention to what's going on, and I'll be back in full force soon. 

I nailed the Seahawks game:

Taking the Seahawks (-5.5) today. Road game is a worry but don't rate the Cardinals enough. Hopefully Russell can chuck a few TDs

So let's hope that continues. To the picks!:

Tampa Bay (+7) over Atlanta

Detroit (-2.5) over Cincinnati

Miami (-7) over Buffalo

New England (-3) over New York Jets

Dallas (+3) over Philadelphia

Chicago (pickem) over Washington

Carolina (-7) over Saint Louis

San Diego (-7.5) over Jacksonville

San Francisco (-3) over Tennessee

Cleveland (+11) over Green Bay

Kansas City (-6.5) over Houston

Baltimore (+2.5) over Pittsburgh

Denver (-6.5) over Indianapolis

New York Giants (-3.5) over Minnesota